Delmarva & the DEA

Forget Baltimore–even though I was born there. To me, Maryland has only been two houses, a few ponds, a blackberry bramble, a golden retriever,¬†cousins, ice cream, a Presbyterian church, a country club with bamboo. It’s an inability to forgive and disillusionment. I last came out for my grandma’s visitation and funeral April of 2014, but … More Delmarva & the DEA

Roadtrippers: The past the future and everything in between!

I found my new favorite thing! The app, Roadtrippers. Here’s my past (not so) mini roadtrip. And then there’s my solo roadtrip from Morton to Dallas to San Jose. Finally, the trip up the west coast with others, before taking my friend back to SLC and returning home myself. I’m excited. I like having a … More Roadtrippers: The past the future and everything in between!

Niagara Falls

Post B. Nektar, my drive to Buffalo, NY, was uneventful. I hugged the lake the entire way which was boring in Ohio, but enjoyable when I hit Pennsylvania and New York because the vineyard hills allowed me to see the lake off to my left. I spent the night at the home of one of … More Niagara Falls

B. Nektar Meadery

I was first introduced to mead at The Fountainhead in Chicago. I had spent a week helping coach a youth sabre camp and was to be paid in beer and whiskey. Fountainhead is fortunate enough to carry B. Nektar Meadery‘s Necromangocon and Zombie Killer on draft, so I sampled those somewhere between the beer and … More B. Nektar Meadery