June 26, 2015

It’s June 26, 2015. 5:30 am. I’m staying at my aunt an uncle’s house in Ventura, CA. One of the dogs sleeping with me wants out. It’s okay, because I’m already awake. Breakfast with my uncle. Change clothes. My aunt gets up, I’m editing photos on my computer. Open Chrome, putz around news for a … More June 26, 2015


I have so much I want to write tonight. I want to talk about Texas, camping, state and national parks, my first 48 hours in California…but my computer keeps overheating when I try to edit my photos, so that’s holding me up on larger sets. Let’s talk about the Mojave Desert. I had been driving … More Agoraphobia

“All you can write is what you see.”

Entering Oklahoma was like entering a different country. Wooded, green Missouri hills gave way to golden grass. No more corn or soybeans here; instead, cattle and horse ranches dominated. I had never seen that kind of landscape before. Here, I found different road signs: “Drive Friendly” and “Do Not Drive Into the Smoke”, for two. … More “All you can write is what you see.”

Yesterday I lunched with someone whose dream job is to work for Monsanto…

…and last night I slept in a hammock in the home of a self-proclaimed radical feminist. After I got the car from the shop and packed it up, I headed towards St. Louis. I was staying with two good friends, Linsey and Eric, near the Loop. We had a fun night out filled with food, … More Yesterday I lunched with someone whose dream job is to work for Monsanto…

Dear Ava

A few months ago you asked me what is felt like to be in love. I still don’t have a good answer for you because most the time, I feel like I am too young & dumb to understand what love is. I feel guilty for not answering though. I’ve spent the past two weekends … More Dear Ava