A New Normal

It’s been awhile!

This week, I started a job that so far, I love. I’m working for an online craft store. Most of my job is mundane: I pull orders from online, find the products in the warehouse, count on how many the customer ordered, package, and ship. However, I also get to start working on social media (Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, and possibly instagram) which is exciting and fun.

Probably the best thing this job has done for me is not the pay or the work. It’s being surrounded by friendly, supportive people who are extremely talented and created. For two months, I haven’t touched a camera. I haven’t written here. Now I’m overflowing with ideas at the same calm, bubbling pace I had when I was travelling, not the frenetic, anxious, and insomnia fueled ideas I’ve relied on more.

Life in Texas has been going well. I’m slowly building the routines I want. I’m gaining muscle from fencing. I’m eating well again. I’ve started and finished home decor projects. Last weekend, even before I was hired, I decided this is absolutely the place I want to be for the moment.

It won’t always be this way. I’ll have my moments of doubt.

Right now it feels pretty dang good.


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