Weather in both Dallas and Chicago was rainy and cool. There will always be a drag queen at the Belmont Red Line stop at 4 am. Belmont was a shrine to vacationing in Texas. You can be homesick for a place you’re in and the place you aren’t at the same time. It’s hard to remember the … More Intersections

color theory

For a hot minute I worked at a bakery up in Chicago. The front staff I worked with was around my age, maybe a bit younger, and mostly Polish or Hispanic. One of the Polish girls, sharp and biting, stopped me one day. “You have beautiful eyes.” “Thanks! I always thought they were ordinary, since they’re … More color theory

The Art of the (DSLR) Self Portrait

They might call us the selfie generation. First it was flip-phones in bathroom mirrors; now it’s front-facing cameras and selfie sticks. Every day I see some article about how selfies make us narcissistic, immature, or self-conscious. We are too self-absorbed by taking photos of ourselves and carefully curating those images for our online presence. My … More The Art of the (DSLR) Self Portrait