The Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert


Loneliness is suited to exploring National Parks.

When there is no one to talk to, you end up having to actually look and take things at your own pace. There was no one to complain about the 100+ degree heat, no one to share my dwindling supply of water bottles, no one to take photos of me next to the brink.

The Petrified Forest and Painted Desert was one of my high points of this past summer. It’s foreign and gorgeous and strange and sweltering. Even when I was around people, the heat muffled noise like snow in winter.

IMG_1379rs  IMG_1399rs IMG_1403rs IMG_1395rsIMG_1423rs

It’s a wilderness. Technically, you can walk throughout the entire park. I can’t imagine doing that, but I want to at the same time…..especially because the desert tends to find the strange.

That’s not a journey I’d want to take alone.


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