Shipping Out to…

The past few months I’ve been able to travel to Chicago, Richmond, Kansas City, and Baltimore, but it’s all been to work. I’ve had little free time in each place, and the time that I had was spent eating and drinking with friends or family and trying to cram enough sleep in my schedule to survive the long hours on my feet.

In Kansas City I was convinced, half on a whim, that I wanted to go out to Boston for the sabre Grand Prix.

I went out for one day. I visited a college friend. And then I left for Portland, ME, and decided not to come back the next day.

I enjoy seeing how others live and I enjoy living as they do when I visit. I had a wonderful time in Maine, but the bus back to Logan was filled with acute dysphoria. Travel is a double edge sword: it can lift you up and then bring you down when you want the more you can’t have.



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