A New Normal

It’s been awhile! This week, I started a job that so far, I love. I’m working for an online craft store. Most of my job is mundane: I pull orders from online, find the products in the warehouse, count on how many the customer ordered, package, and ship. However, I also get to start working … More A New Normal

Moving South

Just shy of three weeks ago, I packed my life into my car and drove to Texas. I move into my new apartment on Monday. I’ve been applying to jobs like crazy. I’ve been briefly to Austin, San Marcos, and Houston; spent a full day in Galveston. I hit my limit last weekend and got … More Moving South

Where were they going without ever knowing the way?

Working through photos, applying to jobs, searching for apartments… I had to post about this article. Not sure what I want to say, and I don’t want to romanticize tragedy, but I could only think of a certain song and relate this to my own travels through the hot desert. A French Couple’s Love for the … More Where were they going without ever knowing the way?


I’ve been to Portland twice before, most recently October 2014 to referee a NAC. Each time I went there has been good food and I’ve had a good time, such as running to VooDoo Donuts at 1 am or staying up late at the Multnomah Whiskey Library. This time, something was off. We got in … More Portland

West Coastin’ II

No bonfire. No dinner. It was already past 9 pm, almost 10 pm when we decided this was enough. We were going to find a motel: there was no point in tired, hungry drivers attempting the serpentine road ahead. We pulled up to a Motel 8. Janos lost nose-goes and had to go check the … More West Coastin’ II

West Coastin’ I

  The morning after San Francisco was gray and miserable. Unfortunately, San Fran would be our last day of sunshine on the coast. The night before we had gone to a bar in Berkeley- there was another friend hosting a poker night there that I wanted to see. Everyone went with me, but it just … More West Coastin’ I

Hometown Theatres, Homesickness, and the Definition of Home

Before I left in early June for this summer’s meandering trip across the United States, I visited my local theatre 3 times. At $4.25 per matinee viewing, it was easy to walk over and relax. There was also less pressure during the day with a smaller audience: I saw Mad Max completely alone and uninhibited. … More Hometown Theatres, Homesickness, and the Definition of Home